From millimetres to inches

From millimetres to inches...

Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine's measurements are provided in metric, but if you'd prefer to use imperial or US measures here's a handy conversion table!

Millimetres Inches
5mm ¼ inch
10mm ½ inch
20mm ¾ inch
25mm 1 inch
30mm 1¼ inches
40mm 1½ inches
50mm 2 inches
75mm 3 inches
100mm 4 inches
120mm 4½ inches
150mm 6 inches
170mm 6½ inches
180mm 7 inches
200mm 8 inches
230mm 9 inches
240mm 9½ inches
250mm 10 inches
280mm 11 inches
300mm 12 inches
320mm 12½ inches




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